Invaded Part 5
Invaded Part 5



Crawling out of the twisted koala burrow in the near future are more installments of my 8-part first volume - Incursion.

Part 1 - Residual Cataclysm

Strange meteors filled with intergalactic goop bombard our planet with no explanation as to their origin.

With the population under threat we find an unlikely hero in an even more unlikely place!

Go back to the first part to find out how it all began!

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Invaded Part 1
Part 2 - A Turn For The Monstrous

The meteor showers continue to hammer our planet and all life is under threat from the deadly spores they contain.

At the Nearly There nursing home, Stan and Fritz realise the apocalypse is on their doorstep and knocking, hard!

Dr Lizzie has her own problems with a mutated admirer on the loose, hellbent on fusing their DNA.

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Invaded Part 2
Part 3 - Mutation Nation

Every nation across the globe now faces the constant spore showers and resulting mutations of everything the astral within goop touches.

Stan, Fritz and Rocky head for GENSEC to rescue Dr Lizzie from the lab mutants running riot.

Along the way they encounter more survivors and more, deadlier mutations as things start to get a whole lot slimier!

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Invaded Part 3
Part 4 - Scientific Disentanglement

Mutations are spreading across the planet at an alarming rate and they continue to grow and multiply, assimilating everything they touch.

After rescuing Dr Lizzie from certain slime, Stan and the gang are tasked by the government to find the one man who can save our planet!

As other survivors look to fight back, watching on are the invaders themselves ready to make their final strike.

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Invaded Part 4
Part 5 - Gathering Of Villainy

Across the Earth's ever evolving alien landscape, various half-mutated folks are coming to terms with their newfound alien powers.

As the invaders look to make their ultimate play for our world, other foul minds have their own scruddy agendas and aspirations of power.

Things are going from bad to worse as the threat to our planet mutates even more!

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Invaded Part 5