One bloke's intergalactic struggles


Our world is on the brink of destruction. A global invasion threatens all of mankind and only a small band of survivors can save the frickin day!

My selection of scrawls and scribbles

Koala Art

Here is a collection of my scribblings and scrawls from the last few years, including a selection of portraits and animal pencil sketches.

Big stars with bigger heads!


A collection of illustrated famous faces from the world of movies, sport and music.

Take The Trip Of A Lifetime


A comic idea from way, way back...a little rough around the edges and some truly cruddy artwork!

There's nowt as odd as folk!


Set in the fictional town of Oddville, this is where you will find the strangest bunch of characters you are likely to meet!

Into the dark and murky depths...

The Comic Vault

A whole bunch of comic ideas and various other bits and pieces of gumph I have been scribbling at over the years.

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